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What is Snack Shak?


“I have many students who tell me regularly about their love for school. Of course, I’m delighted, but I sometimes ask them what they love the most about school. On way too many occasions, the answer has been ‘food.’”

-Diana, a middle school teacher

Snack Paks are an ideal solution for younger children, but once kids reach middle school and high school, feeding them brings new challenges. First, the contents of a typical weekend Snack Pak provide barely one meal for a growing teenager. Older kids need more calories, better choices, and bigger quantities than elementary children.

Secondly, appearance and perception become much more important to older students. No teenager wants to be seen coming out of the “food pantry” or carrying around a Snack Pak bag. No one wants to be singled out as “needy” or “hungry” or any other potentially misunderstood label.

But food insecurity doesn’t stop when you reach 6th grade. Hungry teens perform worse academically and attend school less often. Our solution to the problem of teen hunger is Snack Shak, a revolutionary program developed by teenagers for teenagers. It matches adult-sized portions and choices with a student-run process. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Using a simple online form students select brand new products to build their own meals from several categories.
  2. Students stay anonymous, but select a pick-up place they feel is safe (i.e. a favorite teacher’s room).
  3. Student volunteers at the Snack Shak assemble the bag and deliver it to the designated place.
  4. Teens pick up their bag, anonymously, at their convenience.

It’s that easy! Snack Shak gives older students the opportunity to select and prepare their own fulfilling, nutritious meals…and gives their peers the chance to help make it happen.

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