Swisher Electric Cooperative Helps Snack Pak

"Snack Pak for Kids" was the inspiration for a Snack Pak 4 Kids Tuliapeanut butter drive at Swisher Electric Cooperative.  Employees were randomly drawn and placed on two teams:  the "creamy" team and the "crunchy" team.  It was a friendly competition that enabled Swisher Electric Cooperative employees to

participate in fulfilling an important need in our community.

Swisher Electric has a Wellness program that is designed to ensure the

supports of employees' efforts to live healthfully.  Good health goes beyond

the physical aspects of eating well, being physically active and managing

weight.  It also includes building a culture and environment that fosters

good physical, mental, emotional, social and financial well-being overall.

This drive was to encourage employees to participate in a coordinated

volunteer opportunity sponsored by the cooperative.

Swisher Electric Cooperative would like to challenge other businesses in

Tulia and the area to join the effort to support our community.

The final result: the "Creamy" Team CREAMED the "Crunchy" team!  However,

the real winner was "Snack Pak for Kids" who received enough jars of peanut

butter for one month!

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