Snack Pak Makes a Difference

Success Story:"The food we received is a miracle." said a second grader about the extra food they received at Thanksgiving.

Success Story: I had a student return after the Thanksgiving break so excited. He stopped to tell me that they had enough to eat over the break because they had their snacks. Thank you for all you do for our students.

Success Story: I have 3 kids on snack pak who are homeless. Mom and the 3 kids are living with a friend. Mom works as a waitress and depends heavily on her tips. She told me there are times when she doesn't have enough money to buy food. Thanks to snack paks these children will always have something to eat!

Success Story: We have a family that is living in a nearby motel to our school. The oldest child reported to us that this food is the only food they have for the weekend when their mom is at work. The student reported that it makes her and her siblings happy to have this food.

Success Story: Last week one of our first graders told his teacher at the beginning of the day "I'm so happy it's Friday because I get a bag of snacks to take home" I think for a 6 year old to be thinking about snacks at 8:00 in the morning is a clear indication that he really needs a snack pack.

Success Story: We had a child that had been living with his mom and siblings at his grandmother's house and had been "kicked out" and had to find somewhere else to live. I know that the food came just at the right time as the family was riding around in the car that Friday trying to find a place to live before nightfall.

Success Story: One of our families with 5 children attending school here are dealing with dad's terminal cancer. He continues to try to work but is unable to many days due to intense pain and nausea. Mom has to stay home to tend to him and children too young for school. They are struggling to pay bills. Snack Paks provide these children food on the weekends so there is one less thing for the parents and children to deal with.

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