Snack Pak Helps Student

Success Story: Snack Pak has blessed one of my students this school year. This student is at-risk and provided with several interventions which help him to succeed with the third grade content. I consider Snack Pak an indispensable intervention for this child because it provides him with both physical and emotional stability. The distraction and anxiety of not knowing what is at home to eat would prevent him from social and academic success. With the help of Snack Pak, he can focus on school without the fear that his belly will be empty. Additionally, Snack Pak prevents him from the physical pain caused by hunger. This child has demonstrated astounding progress in both reading and math in the last two months. I am certain, that this would not have happened if it weren't for the nourishment he is given over the weekend from Snack Pak.

Mrs. C 3rd Grade Teacher

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