Snack Pak 4 Kids Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Just two years ago Snack Pak started in the home of a couple feeding 10 kids at Rogers Elementary. It has now grown to serve over 2,900 kids in 9 school districts in the Texas Panhandle. This does not happen without all the sponsors, volunteers, donors, school staff, churches, and companies who have given a voice to hungry children.

Over the past 2 years we have heard many stories how this program has changed kids day, weekend, or perspective. A recent survey with over 590 kids shared some real comments from the kids that best express WHY we are doing this program.

How does the Snack Pak make you feel?

"It make me feel relieved because I know I don't have to worry about lack of food."

"Good but I will not need it anymore because my brothers got a better job so they can buy more food."

"I feel happy because I will have food to eat over the weekend because my mom doesn't have enough money to buy food."

"Happy because we don't need to starve again.”

“Supported by the school.”

What did did the teachers say about Snack Pak when 492 teachers were survey?

“This is a great program! I saw an improvement in attitude, behavior, and classroom performance among several of the students. The students looked forward to Friday when they could take their snacks home.”

“A little boy in my room was obsessed with food. He would try to hoard it in his desk and would sneak extra food if he could. After he began receiving the snack pak program, all of that behavior stopped. He is more focused on his work and is doing well.”


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