Volunteer Information

Every other Tuesday night at 5:30pm, over 50 volunteers from every walk of life, young and old, gather to help pack over 1800 bags in under an hour. 

Volunteers are always needed to help pack and to deliver to the schools on Wednesday mornings at 9:00am


Thanks to the vision of our PISD leadership and the hard work of community volunteers, Plainview launched our SP4K program in 2014 in 6 elementary schools. During the 2015-16 school year, over 650 students took home bags each week, and we launched Snack Shak to benefit our PHS students.

Snack Pak 4 kids has not only brought hope to hundreds of our young students, but it’s also rallied a whole community to invest in the future by alleviating the educational barrier of hunger so our kids can get a good education.

Teachers Speak Out

Our PISD elementary teachers speak out about SP4K
Comments from our 2016 teacher survey

"I have a student that is very much in need. He obviously needs food and when he gets his snack pak it is all I can do to keep him from eating it all right then and there. For kids like him, this program makes a big difference!!"

"I have had several students benefit from this program. Especially in overall health and ability to concentrate in school."

"My kids are always so excited to get the food on Fridays."

"One of my students shares his food with younger siblings. When relatives moved into the house, he asked about getting more Snack Pak sacks to share with them. He was excited to tell me the next day that his cousins had snack packs already! He couldn't believe other schools had snacks too!"

"I had a student who received Snack Pack each Friday, and I began to see a huge difference in his overall academic success! He would not come to school on Monday's sluggish and sleepy after receiving his Snack Packs."

"My 6 year old grandson enjoys going to the packing nights. He is amazed that there are children who do not food to eat at their house. He is excited when the white sacks come into the room on Fridays. I have had other kindergartners come to pack with their parents who share the same amazement that there are hungry kids in our school. I think it is great for the young children to be helping their peers."

"One student always tells me on Friday mornings, that he can't wait to take his snack pack home because he loves the tasty snacks in the bags."

"The students who received the packs were very grateful to have them. Thank you!"

"Students look forward to receiving their snack paks every week. This is so beneficial for our families and helps kids to not go without."

"Kids are excited to receive snacks that their parents cant afford to buy. I have an aunt raising her two niece and nephew, because the mother is in prison. She is a single mom herself, and cannot possibly afford healthy snacks for all four children."

"I have had some students tell me that the snack pack helps them because they run out of food during the weekend."

"the students who received the snack packs were so grateful and excited knowing they were getting food to take home over the weekends and holidays."

"One of my students mentioned he doesn't have much money for food. When the snack packs arrive on Fridays he is always really excited!"

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