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To Whom It May Concern,

This is my second year as the principal at Fannin Middle School. In the short time I have been here, I have witnessed what hunger can do to students as they attempt to be successful in school each day. I have had numerous conversations with parents who feel helpless because they cannot provide enough food for their children. They know their child needs to be more successful in school, or to behave better for his/her teacher, but ultimately they are more concerned about making sure their child eats. If these students are not properly nourished, they are unable to focus in class and be successful.

Our faculty and staff are committed to doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of our students, and often times their needs have little to do with academics. Our staff understands the challenges that our students face when they go home after school and we strive to be a resource for our students even when they are not at school. Numerous faculty and staff members spend money out of their own pockets each week to ensure that our students do not go hungry.

My vision for Fannin Middle School is to create a culture where our school is the center piece of our community. Where students, parents and community members all take ownership of Fannin and what happens on a daily basis. One of my proudest moments in my time at Fannin occurred this year at our 2nd Annual Back To School Tailgate Party. We have around 1500 students, parents and community members on our campus, celebrating our school and the future of our students. What I was most proud of were the folks that were in attendance who do not have students attending Fannin. They either heard about our celebration from our FACEBOOK page or from a neighbor, but they feel such a part of this school that they came out to show their support.

I constantly preach to our students, faculty and staff about the importance of HOPE. Without it, you have nothing. My vision and my goal revolves around the idea of creating HOPE in our students and each other so we can visualize the impossible and work together to achieve it. Many of our students don’t have HOPE. They have not been successful at school and many come from broken homes or dysfunctional homes. They need stability, and most of all, they need HOPE. Snack Pak 4 Kids offers HOPE to students who know they will be searching for food the entire weekend. It gives them peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to worry about food, they can be kids for the weekend.

Fannin is also committed to creating a culture where parents are part of the day to day operations of our school. We believe parents are a vital part of education and we are working closely with many parents to find ways for them to get involved at Fannin. Snack Pak 4 Kids is a perfect opportunity to have parents get involved in meeting the needs of our students. We have wonderful parents at Fannin and they want to be involved. In my opinion, this is the ideal way for parents, and the community to get involved.

Leadership is also a focus at Fannin. We challenge our students to step up and be leaders no matter what they do. In the classroom, on the court and on the field, we push our students to excel. Last year, I had two students who both came from very challenging circumstances. They had been listening to our faculty and staff talk about leadership and helping others. One of these students approached me and asked if she could start a coats closet for students who cannot afford coats for the winter time. She said she wanted to do this because, “I have been homeless before and I don’t want anyone to have to deal with what I had to deal with.” The same day, the other student caught me in the hall and simply said, “I want to do something for other students who are in need.” I connected these two students with a teacher, and today we have a coats closet that is growing and it ensures that students have a warm coat to wear when the weather gets cold. This story to me exemplifies the idea that students can drive change and be leaders. We strive to provide as many opportunities for our students to make a difference at their school and in their community. Our students care for each other and our students, along with our parents, will drive Snack Pak 4 Kids and all the other great service programs that are going on at Fannin. I believe these experiences will benefit our students far beyond middle school.

Fannin Middle School is moving forward with Snack Pak 4 Kids. We will find a way to make sure it is funded for our students because we know the impact it will have on them personally and their education. We are committed to meeting the needs of our students and we believe that Snack Pak 4 Kids is a natural fit for our campus as we work to reach more students who have needs outside of school.

Nathan Culwell
Principal, Fannin Middle School


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