When donating to SP4K,
where does the money go?

All donated money is used to buy food only.

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Ways To Donate

$150/yr. or $12.50/mo. feeds an elementary student.

$360/yr. or $30/mo. feeds a middle or high school student.

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Donate to honor, remember or celebrate someone special.

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We have various ways you can donate on behalf of someone special. Make your donation by clicking on any donate button. On the donation form, select any option from the “Tribute Gift” section and provide the required information.

In honor of, memorial, or special occasion like birthday or holiday.

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Your Kids Your Community

“It was absolutely beneficial to the students that received the Snack Pak. I noticed the kids seemed less hungry on Monday morning & they were able to focus more in class and less on when the next meal would be. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful program to our children.”
~ Teacher

Hashtag: End Weekend Hunger