Cargill Donates to Snack Pak 4 Kids


By Mollie Bryant

On Thursday, Cargill of Amarillo and Hereford and its subsidiary Sweet Brans in Bovina and Dalhart donated $15,100 to nonprofit Snack Pak 4 Kids for World Food Day, which raises awareness of global hunger.

About $3,700 of the donation will go toward the Hereford Snack Pak program, while the remainder will go toward an initiative to stock kids’ snack packs with a 1-ounce beef stick, Stater said.

“We think this is a wonderful idea, not only to increase nutrition, but help close that hunger gap, because when our children are going hungry, they’re having a hard time focusing, they’re not able to study, there’s behavior issues and everything that goes along with that,” Cargill Cares grant chair Star Stater said.

“Our children can’t just go out and fend for themselves.”

Since 2010, Snack Pak has helped students across the Texas Panhandle fight weekend hunger by providing them with healthy snacks to take home on Friday afternoons.

“In turn, what we see on Monday morning is these kids show up ready to learn, and this is all about academics,” Snack Pak founder and executive director Dyron Howell said.

“Two-thirds of our teachers we surveyed in May said that they see an improvement in academic performance because of this investment we’re making in their weekend nutrition.”

Before the beef initiative began last year, students received half the amount of beef they take home now through the program.

“Our leadership, area feed yard members and allied industry partners applaud the vision and mission of Snack Pak to reduce hunger and food insecurity among school kids in the Texas High Plains,” said Kayla Lanford, spokeswoman of Texas Cattle Feeders Association, another partner in the beef program. “Beef 4 Kids recognizes the importance of beef in a child’s diet and provides a high quality beef product to all students in the snack pak program. We are proud to be a part of this important project.”

This year, Snack Pak has reached 31 school districts across the Texas Panhandle, and the program has a presence on all but six Amarillo Independent School District campuses, Howell said.


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