2011-12 Snack Pak 4 Kids Summary

Thanks to the generous support of many communities, businesses, churches, individuals, school staff, and volunteers over 2,900 kids were served last school. Summary of year.

2011-2012 Snack Pak 4 Kids Summary

• 9 school districts (Amarillo, Bushland, River Road, Hereford, Lockney, Clarendon, Walcott, Fritch, and Tulia)

• Planning to expand to Dalhart and San Antonio in Fall 2012 with others pending

• 2900 kids on program at 46 campuses across 9 school districts including 2 middle school pilots (Austin and Travis)

• Over 3,000 volunteers Sept 2011-June 2012

• Working on summer pilot with 3 schools, City of Amarillo, Maverick Boys and Girls Club, and churches. (invested $12,500)

• 88% of the kids on the program want the Snack Pak again in 2012-13 school year

• 96% of the 492 AISD teachers surveyed feel the program is beneficial

• 79% saw an improvement in academics

• 72% saw and improvement in behavior

How does getting your bag of food make you feel? (kid’s survey comments)

"It make me feel relieved because I know I don't have to worry about lack of food."

"Good but I will not need it anymore because my brothers got a better job so they can buy more food."

"I feel happy because I will have food to eat over the weekend because my mom doesn't have enough money to buy food."

"Happy because we don't need to starve again."

Teacher Comments from Survey:

One of my students loves getting the Snack Pack it makes her feel special!! That has really helped her self esteem. Thank you so much for doing this for our kids.

My students felt loved and cared for by receiving these snack packs. I could see a big difference in attitude and behavior on Mondays after we started sending them home. Then I started to see a change on Fridays just knowing they would have food sent home for the weekend. What a great program! Thank you!

I DEFINITELY saw a lot of positive effects in mood and confidence among our Snack Pak participants. I love the program and am so thankful for it, please, please continue to do it!

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